Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Bolster a digital marketing firm? 

No, Bolster is not exclusively a digital or online marketing firm. Bolster focuses on the all-encompassing marketing strategies for your business, including "The Four Ps of Marketing" - price, product, place, and promotion. We act as a business-focused partner, assisting you not only on the promotion of your business but also on maximizing business decisions and practices.


2. Is Bolster an ad agency?

No, Bolster is not an advertising agency. While Bolster will provide photography, minor graphics, and content for social media, Bolster acts as a coordinator, or broker, for those services requiring technical experts. We work with many experts, including graphic designers, photographers, and videographers, and we match you with the experts best suited for your needs. We then coordinate with those experts on your behalf.


3. Why do I need Bolster to tell me the best ways to spend my marketing dollars?

Owners and managers are busy with countless tasks. Information might not be logged, attention gets diverted, processes fall by the wayside with employee turnover, and maybe things have changed over time. Bolster is here to give attention to marketing matters with fresh eyes. We're here to present our findings to you in an unbiased manner and to present impartial opinions about value alignment, customer behavior, customer service processes, previous marketing efforts, etc. We take the time to get to know your company and to present ideas on how to improve your marketing within your budget.


4. How invasive is the process?

For our Marketing & Development Plan services, we usually want to meet with, or at least survey, anyone who is involved with customers. We also need to know your company's pricing, annual revenues, marketing expenditures, and marketing budget. Why? Because we need to know how your prices stand within your market, how much you hold of market share, how much has been spent on each marketing and advertising expense, and how to set goals for increasing revenue.