Move your business forward with a marketing strategy. Bolster can create a unique Marketing and Development Plan for your business. Our Plans are designed to analyze ways to increase revenue. Our plans can evaluate all of your marketing activities, or they can focus on a specific area.

What is a Marketing & Development Plan

A Marketing and Development Plan defines how, when, and where a business will connect with current and potential customers. The goal of every Marketing and Development Plan is to define ways to attract customers to your business to keep the revenue flowing.



What's included in a Plan

Our Marketing and Development Plan can be tailored to your needs. We can provide a full Plan, which includes a comprehensive evaluation of your company's marketing activities with accompanying recommendations, or we can focus the Plan on a specific area (e.g. online advertising or event planning).


Marketing & Development Plan Components

The following elements can be included or excluded, depending on the needs of the client:

  1. Overview Research Report

  2. Branding Guide

  3. Marketing channels

  4. Internal processes and protocols

  5. Partnerships

  6. Sustainability

  7. Estimates for the creation of design assets

  8. Implementation Agenda


1. The Overview Research Report included in every report. This provides information about the business (target market, competition, industry, etc.) that is necessary to make recommendations. 

2. The Branding Guide defines your business' mission, values, messaging, tone, and required design assets. It is used to ensure continuity in your advertising and communications.

3. The Marketing Channels section identifies the media and activities that are crucial to connecting to your customers. These may include online channels (e.g. social media, paid online advertisements), sponsorships, print media (magazines, newspapers), press releases, networking events, etc.

4. Internal Processes and Protocols examines your business' way of operating in relation to your customers. For example, how does your business collect vital customer information and where is it stored?

5. Partnerships explore the benefits of partnering with certain groups and individuals.

6. Sustainability addresses your business' capacity and how it will maintain its marketing operation and handle any increases in sales. 

7. All suggestions for design assets come with estimates for creation of those assets. Bolster works with a variety of designers, photographers, and videographers. We suggest the ones that would best serve your needs and gather estimates from them.

8. An Implementation Agenda is only included if Bolster will also be performing Marketing Management services. The agenda lays out the actions Bolster will take over the specified period of time.