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What does Bolster do?

Bolster provides marketing strategy and marketing management services for businesses. We make it our job to know everything about how your business operates, so we can then create a strategy for attracting and retaining customers to keep revenue flowing into your business. We consider a variety of channels and tools within your budget. We then put your plan into action and manage your marketing tasks and projects.


Our Mission

Our mission is to bolster our clients’ operations, reputations, and, thus, revenues.


Who hires Bolster?

From small staffs without a dedicated marketing team to bigger businesses that need flexible assistance or additional brainstorming power, we are available for single projects as well as for ongoing support.




Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy guides your marketing efforts. Bolster can create a unique Marketing and Development Plan for your business. Our Marketing and Development Plans evaluate your internal operations, your competition, your current clientele and target market, external factors affecting your business, your branding, etc.. The goal of every Marketing and Development Plan is to define ways to attract customers to your business to keep the revenue flowing.


Marketing Management

For those businesses without a marketing staff or for those who need additional hands-on assistance, Bolster provides Marketing Management services. Bolster will act as your business' personal marketing coordinator and liaison, managing the tasks that will propel your business to reach your goals. We provide marketing management for one-time projects, as well as monthly marketing management.



For those businesses who may simply need some outside perspective and a few ideas, we offer our Brainstorming Session. We meet with our clients for 1 hour to discuss anything that may be on their mind - a new project, ideas for potential partnerships, etc. Afterwards, they are e-mailed a PDF copy of the information discussed during the session.