What does Bolster do?

Bolster provides marketing planning and management services. We make it our job to know everything about how your business sells to your customers, and we provide solutions on how to better that process to keep revenue flowing into your business.


Our Mission

Our mission is to help our clients bolster their operations, their reputations, and, thus, their revenues.


Who hires Bolster?

From small staffs without a dedicated marketing team to bigger businesses that need flexible assistance or additional brainstorming power, we are available for single projects as well as for ongoing support.


our Services

Research & Discovery

Bolster gathers and analyzes information about your customers, your competitors, your industry, and your business.

Marketing & Development Plans

Bolster works with you to create unique and strategic plans that lay out the best steps to increase business.

marketing Management

Bolster can act as your contract Marketing Director, managing marketing activities and projects.

brainstorming sessions

We offer brainstorming sessions to discuss a topic of your choosing - a new project, a product idea, networking ideas, etc.



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